Level 1

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  • MS Office Excel, Level 1

    Learn how to create a spreadsheet for a personal budget, enter & calculate data, and format spreadsheets.


  • MS Office Outlook, Level 1

    Learn how to compose and send emails; schedule appointments and meetings; manage contact information; schedule tasks and to to-do lists; and create notes.

    Day Date Time Location
    S - Room 222 – 2nd Floor
  • MS Office PowerPoint, Level 1

    Learn how to create a slide presentation, insert graphics, and apply slide transitions.

  • MS Office Word, Level 1

    Students will create, edit, and enhance standard business documents using MS Office Word

  • PC Basics

    Introduction to PC Basics is designed to familiarize students with computers and their applications. Students will learn fundamental concepts of computer hardware and software; open & save files; download files; and become familiar with a variety of computer applications, such as word processing, Internet, and Email. Students will learn how to key by touch on standard keyboard; create well organized documents; Type using the home row; Not look at the keyboard while typing; Increase typing speed and accuracy.

    Note: If the student can pass a Keyboarding pretest with 80% accuracy, keyboarding fee will be waived

    Check printed schedule for the class meetings.